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Supporting Improvement and Impact

Established in 2018 the Knowledge Brokering Group works with the government, not-for-profit and academic sectors to support collaboration, innovation and impact in complex settings.

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The Sectors we work with

Academic Sector
Government Sector
Not for Profit Sector

The areas we work in

Bringing experience and learning to you from across sectors, disciplines and domains

Community Development
Social Support Services and others

How we support you

Consulting and Facilitation

Projects delivered across Australia as well as internationally


Training delivered to over 1,100 professionals all the way up to senior roles in academia, government and not for profit sector

Merging Consulting and Training

Learn, critique and apply learning to projects in real time with our support and advice.

What makes us different and what that means for you?

We work across domains and sectors

So we understand you and the people you want to work with

How we do it: Our personnel specifically worked in the government, not-for-profit and academic sectors as well across a range of domains and continue to work across project areas in-house too.

Why it matters: This supports creativity, innovation, lesson learning and supports effective collaboration and partnership development.

Knowledge underpins everything we do

How we do it: Knowledge (all types) and knowledge brokering underpins all our work.

Why it matters: We are not knowledge brokers, rather knowledge brokering is part of our role.


The Knowledge Brokering Group was founded on the principle that people and knowledge, gained through research, practice or experience, are the key factors to success in any project or program, policy or initiative, organisation or product.

We are able to build capabilities at the same time as delivering services and projects

How we do it: The Knowledge Brokering Group has a training arm which builds capabilities in all areas we support and we can weave this through our project work.

Why it matters: We are able to build capabilities therefore leading to increasing organisational capacity in the future as well as supporting the collaborative and co-design process.

Our Expertise

Find out more about our expertise, experience and personnel.