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The Knowledge Brokering Group was founded on the principle that people and knowledge, gained through research, practice or experience, are the key factors to success in any project or program, policy or initiative, organisation or product.

How well is knowledge shared, used or co-produced?

Knowledge is a valuable resource produced by people through inquiry or experience and can be gained in many ways and contexts.  It may be research or evidence produced by an academic, or expertise and know how gained by a community worker running a local program.  It may be that many people over many years have built on collective knowledge in a particular industry, to develop innovative ideas, approaches or products.

There is a great deal of knowledge produced, but how aware are individuals, organisations or sectors of others’ knowledge? How well is knowledge shared, used or co-produced? Knowledge tends to exist in localised pockets, which limits its full potential and benefit.  Knowledge brokering is a way to identify, exchange, share and co-produce knowledge across domains, utilising knowledge to its full potential and extracting its full value.

Utilising knowledge to its full potential by extracting its full value.

The Knowledge Brokering Group provides services, delivers training and develops initiatives that support the knowledge brokering process across a variety of contexts, industries and sectors.  The aim of The Knowledge Brokering Group is to facilitate knowledge flow and exchange through knowledge networks, as a driver of innovation, better decision making and continuous improvement. We do this through the four strands of the company as per below.

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