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For all your project or initiative, product or service, strategy or impact development and delivery needs
strategy or impact development and delivery needs
We specialize in working in complex settings, at the interface between research, policy and practice and with knowledge, creativity and innovation at our core
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Working with the ...
Academic Sector
Government Sector
Not for Profit Sector
In the areas of...
Community Development
Social Support Services and others
Our Services

Project, Program, Initiative or Service Design and Development

Identify, design, develop and deliver your own projects with our guidance,  capability building, mentoring and advice.

Knowledge Needs and Gaps Analysis, Knowledge Retention and Knowledge Strategies

Identify knowledge gaps and needs, limit knowledge loss and share your existing knowledge in your projects or organisation.

Research Impact, Research Translation, Implementation and Innovation

Increase the reach, engagement, influence and impact of your organisations’ research and knowledge, and develop projects that are fit for purpose, needs driven, implementable and scalable. 

System level advocacy strategy development and policy and evidence brief development

Deliver effective and efficient strategies which align to system improvement and impact objectives, and have your policy briefs, evidence briefs and position statements read and utilised by primary, secondary and associate stakeholders.

Training Development, Workshop Development and Resource Development

Develop innovative training, workshops and resources which become embedded and adopted in existing structures and increase skills and capabilities through continuing professional development services and products.

Network Development for Learning and System Improvement, Change and Impact

Develop network goals, structures and processes to get the most out of your network members’ capacity and capabilities. Bring together collaborators and key stakeholders to support learning and advocacy.

How we support you
Consulting and Facilitation

Projects delivered across Australia as well as internationally.


Training delivered to over 1,100 professionals at all levels up to senior and leadership levels in academia, government and not for profit sectors.

Merging Consulting and Training

Learn, critique and apply learning to projects in real time with our support and advice.

Support services designed to work for your goals, needs and context.

Some projects for clients work best co-designed and through building capacity and capabilities, others just require us to undertake the work with consultation along the way. You decide how much you would like to do along with us, or have us do for you. How to start the process.

Contact us for more information about the ways we can support you.

  • Email us to request our capability statement
  • Book a meeting to speak to us and find out more about how we can support you
  • Ask to see our portfolio of work so you get a sense of our work and if it’s a right fit for your organisation.

Request a proposal after an initial meeting and discussions.

Based on initial meetings we will be able to provide you with a proposal with associated outline of services, outputs, objectives, timelines, formats and costings.

OR request our training and workshops.

If you are only after training we will provide you with our training brochure or an in house training proposal which adapts our training modules to suite your needs.