Hello, and welcome to the Brokers on Brokering Blog. This blog has been developed as part of the Knowledge Brokering Group’s Resource Hub. Our Resource Hub is the Knowledge Brokering Group’s main platform for introducing people to key concepts, issues and debates in knowledge brokering and related knowledge sharing topics. We do this in three ways:

The Knowledge Bank – an annotated bibliography of key literature on knowledge brokering
The Knowledge Brokering In-Practice Series – case studies exploring various aspects and examples of knowledge brokering
The Brokers on Brokering Blog – commentary and discussion of various aspects of knowledge brokering

Whilst we will update our Knowledge Bank and In-Practice Series quarterly over the next 18 months, we will update our Brokers on Brokering Blog more regularly throughout the year. Our next Hub instalment will be in May 2018, this instalment will see the second deposit of concepts, research and tools in our Knowledge Bank as well as the first of our In-Practice Series.

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To be notified of the next Knowledge Brokering Resource Hub instalment, visit our website and sign up to the hub. You will find the registration tab at the bottom of any page you visit. www.knowledgebrokeringgroup.com.au. All you need is an email address and we will do the rest.