Knowledge Brokering Resource Hub

The world is full of all types of knowledge, but how do you share the knowledge you have or find the knowledge you need? Imagine if you could effectively share, use and co-produce your knowledge every day, leading to new and better ideas, outcomes and innovations. Knowledge Brokering, Exchange, Translation and Mobilisation allow you to do this.

Find out more about Knowledge Brokering, Exchange, Translation and Mobilisation by visiting our Knowledge Brokering Resource Hub which draws on literature, tools and resources from various disciplines that discuss and support the knowledge brokering process.

The Knowledge Bank

Knowledge Bank

Concepts and Theories, Research and Evaluations, Commentary and Debates, Resources and Tools. Learn more about all areas of Knowledge Brokering.

KB In Practice Series

Learning and Training

A case study series looking at current examples of all things Knowledge Brokering.

Brokers on Brokering

Learning and Training

Thought pieces discussing current debates from the perspectives of different sectors.

To extract the full value from your and others knowledge.