What We Do

What we do

The aim of the Knowledge Brokering Group is to facilitate knowledge flow and exchange through knowledge networks, as a driver of innovation, better decision making and continuous improvement.  We do this through the following four strands of the organisation.

Learning and Training

Knowledge Brokering Training Courses

Learn more about Knowledge Brokering by visiting our Resource Hub or develop your skills, capabilities and capacity in all areas of knowledge brokering by attending one of our training courses.

Learning and Training

Knowledge Brokering Initiatives and Platforms

At the Knowledge Brokering Group we also continue to contribute to the field through our own Knowledge Brokering Initiatives and Platforms. Find out more about a platform, attend an initiative, hire out one of our concepts or register for our National Knowledge ExChange day.

Learning and Training

Knowledge Brokering Consulting Services

The Knowledge Brokering process is complex, mutli-faceted and draws on a variety of skills. Our consulting service has been set up to support organisations, projects or initiatives to either develop, deliver or evaluate knowledge brokering, exchange, translation and mobilisation activities and initiatives.

Learning and Training

Knowledge Brokering Group Innovation

The Knowledge Brokering Group Innovation strand is the outcome of the co-production of knowledge brokered into the development of either a new product of service. These products or services are developed through the collaborative work of our brokers who draw on their specific areas of knowledge.

To extract the full value from your and others knowledge.